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It's much more than just custom metal fabrication.

Dedicated to customer experience, founded on passion and love for what we do,
all to provide unparalleled service and exceptional custom metal fabrications.



In 1983, Len DiGrande, founder and CEO of both American Fence & Supply Co., Inc. and custom metal fabricator Metal City Fab, began working as a door-to-door salesman at a well-established fencing company in Detroit, called King Fence & Supply Co., Inc. Quickly developing a passion for sales and interacting with consumers, Len became very successful in this role.

In 1986, Len’s childhood best friend, Marc Rudorf, joined the King Fence team. Marc began a job as a general laborer/fence installer at King Fence, quickly mastering the tools of the trade and eventually moving his way up to foreman.

When the owner of King Fence, Alan Stone, passed away in February of 1992, 27-year old Len, Marc, and friend/coworker Gary Oliver set out to continue doing what they loved, aiming to open the doors to a fence company of their own.


Len, honing sales and entrepreneurial skills developed during his time at King Fence, served as the company’s CEO. Marc learned and mastered the estimating process, and remains on the  team today as our Senior Commercial Estimator. Gary remained in the field, using his expertise and attention to detail to lead and train crews. Gary also remains on our team today, working as a foreman.

American Fence quickly saw great success working with both residential and commercial clients. Around 2012, due to high demand, American Fence narrowed its services to primarily commercial and industrial projects.

how it all ties into custom metal fabrication

From the start, we designed and produced high quality custom metal fabrications. Working with clients across municipal, hospital, institutional, educational, industrial, commercial, and residential sectors, we found ourselves completing projects far beyond the typical fencing and gates that we had originally been known for.

Around 2006, we began advertising our expertise in custom metalwork under the name American Iron Works.

Metal City Fab is born

Demand for the best custom metal fabrication in the industry began to skyrocket. With our sights set on providing customers with a more hands on and personalized experience, we decided to launch American Fence’s first subsidiary, Metal City Fab, in 2020.

Following in the footsteps of its parent company, Metal City Fab has quickly become one of the industry’s leading custom metal fabricators, serving hundreds of clients throughout Michigan and beyond, including some of the largest and most well-respected names across multiple industries. Metal City Fab has provided clients with a wide variety of products, ranging from custom metal awnings and gates to custom art pieces and mezzanines.

We’re proud to offer our clients the same reputable service and quality craftsmanship that American Fence & Supply Co., Inc. has for nearly 30 years, paired with an unwavering dedication to providing our clients with a more personalized and exceptional customer experience.


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What we Value


We care about our people, safety, clients, quality, and company.


We do what we say. We’re resourceful and we always find a way to deliver.


We’re crazy in love with what we do. Business is a game that we love to play and play to win. It’s a pleasure to do business with us.


We own it. We follow through to the very end. No excuses.


We pursue greatness with a vengeance. We are the professionals.


We’re happy to be of service and to put our own importance second because we know that we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves.

inspiring action

our culture

Our people are our most treasured and important resource. They possess an energy and dedication that permeates the entire company. It’s clearly demonstrated in everything that we do. It’s not simply the behaviors or actions of our team… it’s who we are.





Every solid partnership begins with trust. We establish this with our clients by taking the time to learn about their needs so that we can provide a solution that will exceed expectations.


estimating & proposal

Our expert team will compile a comprehensive estimate and deliver a proposal, outlining the scope and deliverables of your project. During this phase, our creative minds will offer valuable engineering options to ensure that your project is fabricated to the highest quality for the best price.


design & engineering

Our experienced Pre-Construction and Engineering Department will roll up their sleeves and get to work on delivering you a first class fabrication. We will provide submittal packages, order raw materials, and prepare to fabricate your project. Should you have any questions or modifications relating to your project, our team will work with you to find the best and most cost-effective solution to meet your needs.


fabrication & production

Your custom metal fabrication will be created by our skilled fabrication team. As your project comes to life, we’ll ensure that every detail is executed to the highest standards during our quality control assessments.


delivery & installation

Our team of dedicated field installers and foremen will carefully deliver and install the project, accounting for any delays or complications that may appear along the way, and ensuring that the job site is left in better condition than when we arrived.



We will finalize the project with all of the required close out documents, and look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to work together! Remember, we’re committed to providing a positive customer experience and building long term relationships with everyone that we work with. Should you have any needs for repair or maintenance, or should you just have a question or concern, we are just a phone call or email away.

Meals donated by American Fence and Metal City Fab being dropped off to essential workers at Providence Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic

beyond our walls

in our communities

Our dedication to our Core Values is not confined to the walls of our facilities. That dedication encourages a love and sincere appreciation for the people both within our communities and beyond, where we exemplify that dedication by being a collaborative and supportive corporate citizen.


Both as a company and as individuals, we are dedicated to supporting those who fuel our success, as well as their communities, through community involvement, sponsorships, donations, outreach programs, and offering opportunity to those who are less fortunate.

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