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Custom metal doors and windows

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Stand out from your neighbors and turn heads, contrasting the off-the-shelf, traditional doors and windows on most homes and buildings today. Metal City Fab’s team can give your property a serious value boost with a custom design, unique to you! Our connections with glass manufacturers and suppliers across the industry offers us the luxury of working with a variety of types and qualities, allowing you to customize every aspect of your design.

Custom metal windows

Unique windows are often expected in today’s luxury markets. Metal City Fab goes beyond customizing just shape and size. Incorporate geometric designs for a more modern appearance, or stick with a curved, classic design seen in architecture across the ages. We have the flexibility and precision to produce unique shapes, ensuring perfect joinery and life long durability. 

Custom metal doors

Customize the grand entrance to your home, office, or other property with custom doors, enhancing both value and aesthetics. Incorporate both security features and ornamental features for added value.

Custom metal hardware

Just need some unique hardware? Metal City Fab’s team has the expertise to create custom, intricate hinges, locks, knobs, knockers, window grids/grilles, and more for windows and doors.

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