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Other Custom Metal Fabrications


Our talented and skilled team of engineers, fabricators, and installers is equipped to bring even the most unique, difficult ideas to life. We’ve successfully envisioned and created hundreds of custom, intricate, and difficult pieces—even those that others have turned down. Rest assured that our team is ready to take on any custom metal fabrication, no matter the scope or specifications.

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Diverse expertise

Our team offers diverse expertise, allowing us to capitalize on the strengths of each member, thereby enhancing our ability and allowing us to create virtually anything that you or your client can think of.

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Throughout our time in the industry, we’ve developed useful connections with suppliers, specialists, and more throughout the industry, offering both us and our clients a wider range of options and customization.

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We love what we do, especially when it challenges us. No matter the complexity of the fabrication that you need, we strive to use creativity and innovation to create a solution that exceeds expectations.

Not exactly sure what you're looking for? No drawings or blueprints? No problem. Our experienced engineers and fabricators will work with you to design and fabricate even the most obscure, rough ideas. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to all sorts of needs, ensuring that each and every project is held to the same high quality standards and practices. Join hundreds of other happy customers and get in touch with our team using the link below to bring your dream to reality!

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Other Custom Metal Fabrications

Need something outside of the scope of what we normally do or something that nobody else has been able to offer a solution to? Bring it on! We strive to enhance our skills and challenge our team. We’ve worked with general contractors, architects, interior designers, and private clients on a wide variety of unique and difficult products, providing solutions that impress every time. Check out the gallery below for a few examples of some unique custom fabrications that we’ve produced outside of our typical realm.

Custom ornamental metal (steel) flower boxes at Townsend St.
Townsend St. - steel window boxes
Custom metal (steel) with laser-cut metal (steel) medallions at Kid Rock's Made in Detroit
kid rock's made in detroit - rolling steel planters
MSU Trash.Special Projects.Aluminum
msu housing - aluminum trash cans
Custom metal (aluminum) lighting grid at Cat Cora's Taproom
cat cora's taproom - aluminum lighting grid
Custom metal (steel) scrollwork room partition railing at The Riviera Cinema
the riviera cinema - steel room partitions
Steel mesh panel
royal oak first - steel mesh panel

John Varvatos Store Detroit

Detroit Catholic Central High School

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We’re your custom metal fabrication solution. As you browse through our portfolio, you’ll be met with intricate examples of our steadfast dedication to quality, ingenuity, and precision.

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