Custom metal (bronze) handrails and custom metal (bronze) guardrails at Hutchins Hall

Featured in AGC’s “Midweek Briefing”

An excerpt about Metal City Fab’s recently-completed project at Hutchins Hall was shared in the Associated General Contractors of Michigan’s The Midweek Briefing. Check out our excerpt that was featured below!

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an introduction to metal city fab

why us?

We’re not just a metal fabricator. We also strive to cultivate relationships and provide a great customer experience. Our team’s experience coupled with our electronic scheduling system deliver on this promise. Our clients can rest assured knowing they are receiving the finest quality and craftsmanship in the industry. We take pride in our work, knowing that our fabrications are not only a reflection of Metal City Fab, but also our clients.

Our people possess an energy and dedication that permeates the entire company. It’s not simply the behaviors or actions of our team; it’s who we are. That dedication encourages a love and sincere appreciation for the people within our communities and beyond.

Who we are

We are dedicated to customer experience and founded on passion and love for what we do, all to provide exceptional custom metal fabrications.

In March 1992, Len DiGrande opened the doors to Metal City Fab’s parent company, American Fence & Supply Co., Inc. Working with clients in a variety of industries, we found ourselves completing projects far beyond the typical fencing and gates for which we had originally become known. Demand for the best custom metal fabrications in the industry began to grow. Thus, we decided to launch Metal City Fab in 2020. 

Metal City Fab has quickly become one of the industry’s leading custom metal fabricators, serving hundreds of clients throughout Michigan and beyond. Our team offers diverse expertise, allowing us to make even the most custom pieces a reality. We have beautifully fabricated a wide variety of products, ranging from custom metal awnings and gates to custom metal art pieces and mezzanines. We have developed two proprietary designs: ACR4500®, our aluminum commercial railing system, and AmeriLouver®, our aluminum/steel louver panel system. We are proud to offer our clients an unwavering commitment to building a more personalized and exceptional customer experience.

our process

  1. Discovery – We build trust by taking the time to learn about our client’s needs and objectives so that we can provide a solution that will exceed expectations.
  2. Estimating & Proposal – Our team will compile a comprehensive estimate and deliver a proposal outlining the scope and deliverables of the client’s project. We will offer valuable engineering options to ensure that the project is fabricated to the highest standards and for the best price.
  3. Design & Engineering – Our experienced Pre-Construction and Engineering Department will develop a customized, first-class fabrication.
  4. Fabrication & Production – Our fabrication team will bring your ideas to life, ensuring that every detail is executed to the highest standards.
  5. Delivery & Installation – We will carefully deliver and install the project, ensuring that the job site is left in better condition than when we arrived.
  6. Closeout – We will finalize the project with all of the required close out documents and look forward to the next time that we have the opportunity to work together! 

Project Highlights

Detroit Catholic Central

Beginning in June 2020, Warren-based custom metal fabrication company Metal City Fab joined the reconstruction project at Detroit Catholic Central High School’s Wixom Road frontage in Novi to give life to a unique fencing design created by the project’s landscape architects, Grissim Metz Andriese Associates.

The landscape incorporates industrial, natural, and technological elements to make a bold statement at the school’s new front entrance. Steel, aluminum, and stone meet LED screens and lighting to draw attention and share Detroit Catholic Central’s mission. 

Paired with steel beams and other industrial metal elements, Metal City Fab produced 290 linear feet of modular aluminum fencing unlike any other decorative metal fencing. Our team produced this intensive project in 29 individual 3 ft. high x 10 ft. long panels, each of which is composed of 33 uniquely sized cuts of aluminum rectangular tubes. After engineering and design was finalized by our Pre-Construction and Engineering department, tubes were manually cut and welded in both horizontal and vertical orientations. A sample panel was completed first for approval by Grissim Metz. Then, our team went into full production. Panels were powder-coated gray before delivery and final installation. 

Following completion of the surrounding landscape, our team poured concrete footings and installed the fence on-site, securing each panel with 8” x 8” base plates and 4” stainless steel screw bolts. Today, our work serves as a monument to the innovation and creativity of not only the Detroit Catholic Central community, but also that of Metal City Fab. 

Hutchins Hall

Beginning in March 2020, Metal City Fab, a custom metal fabrication company based in Warren, joined the team working on DeMaria Building Company’s renovation of Hutchins Hall at the University of Michigan’s School of Law.

The design of the newly renovated lecture hall boasts a variety of elegant accents. Rich wood trim and gothic windows meet custom-fabricated bronze handrails and guardrails by Metal City Fab. Our team began with the design and engineering of railings, brackets, post bases, top caps, and lamb tongues to form a combined 109 linear feet of 34” high bronze handrails and guardrails. Once approved, we moved into fabrication and production. After being miter-cut, assembled, welded, and ground, we finished off the railings with a brushed brown patina finish by SUR FIN Chemical, adding depth and interest to the fabrication.

The railings were then delivered and installed at Hutchins Hall in Ann Arbor. Handrails were put in at each side of the auditorium as well as the steps at the front stage. Posts were cored into concrete flooring at the top, and base plates were secured to the wood ramps and steps. Guardrails and attached handrails were installed at each side of the stage at the front of the auditorium with base plates secured to the wood flooring. The railings now exhibit extraordinary detail and traditional elegance alongside other gothic architectural and design elements at the university’s School of Law.

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